Electrolyte Replacement 
Monday, March 6, 2017, 10:10 AM - Tips
Electrolyte Replacement
Hikers who drink a lot of water but neglect to replace electrolytes can suffer from low blood sodium (hyponatremia). Which can cause cells to swell If you suspect hyponatremia, move to the shade and eat salty snacks.

I have been using this mix for several years now. It is a non sugar Electrolyte replacement. Any one following a Low Carb Diet, Ketogenic Diet, is Diabetic, or just wants to reduce sugar intake. This is great replacement for ready made store bought high sugar or mixes with high fructose corn.

The easiest way to make this mix is to use Morton Lite Salt. It contains just the right amount of Sodium 290 mg, Potassium 350 mg. To this we add Baking soda, and Seal Salt.

I generally mix a batch.

1 Tbs Morton Lite Salt
1 Tbs Seal Salt
1 Tbs baking Soda

Mix Well to use just add 1/4 Tsp to bottle water, Yes it has salty taste but not to offensive.


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